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LKcreations Skin Care

New Products

Trying out new products and treatments can be hit or miss. Skin is different person-to-person, so not everything will work for everyone.   With Karin Herzog Oxygen Skin Care every skin type will benefit and see results.  On average, it takes about three to four months to see the full results on a skin care product on the skin.  With Karin Herzog Oxygen Skin Care, you will see results from the very first facial and home care treatment products.  

Karin Herzog Oxygen Skin Care is rooted in medical miracles and the power of oxygen. I believe that you should have access to the best skincare technologies and ingredients to help you feel powerful in your own beautiful skin. The miracle formulas harness the organic potency of stabilized oxygen, high-performance innovations and a touch of Swiss expertise, so you can re-discover your youthful, crystal clear complexion.

There are three ways to tell if a skincare routine is working.

1. The skin is hydrated but not oily.  If the skin is soft and smooth to the touch, it is a good sign that skin is happy and hydrated with the new products and treatments. Oil will feel like a layer of film on the skin, while hydrated skin will just feel “normal”, no irritation, itching or flaking. Oily skin typically shines all over the face, while hydrated skin glows from the cheekbones, forehead and cupid’s bow.  Karin Herzog Oxygen Skin Care delivers water to hydrate the skin from within and your skin will start to glow.

As we age and are subject to environmental influences, oxygen is sapped from our skin as oxygen-providing capillaries are destroyed resulting in fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin, blemishes, blackheads and other problematic skin conditions.  Karin Herzog is designed to treat and regulate acne prone skin.  The cream helps to limit the formation of excess sebum, clogged pores and blemishes. 

2. The skin is not itchy or irritated.  If your skin feels painful or there is irritation of the skin after two to three weeks of using a new product, it is likely you may be allergic to an ingredient in the product. You should not ever have any irritation with Karin Herzog Oxygen Skin Care.

3. The skin is supple and uniform in color.  If you skin is not oily skin or you are not experiencing any skin irritation, it is safe to say that the skin is hydrated and healthy, and the new products are working properly.