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Due to a high number of NO SHOW and late cancellation (less than 24 hours) appointments on Saturdays, there will be a $20 deposit taken over the phone to reserve your time.  A full refund for the depost at the time of service will be given.  Otherwise, the deposit it is non refundable.

LKcreations Skin Care


December 2022 Specials (through January 20, 2023)








Royal Oxygen Facial and Decolletage Treatment*....$75 (regular $100)


A 3-1 facial tretment with active oxygen.  AHA and Hyaluronic acid

renews and refreshes the skin.  It removes dead cells to reveal a glowing, luminous complexion.


Shellac Manicure....$25 (regular $30)


CNDTM (Creative Nail Design).  Does not include removal of any other brand

of Shellac.  Upcharge $5 + to remove other brands of Shellac (plan on extra time of 20-30 minutes for removal).




Aromatherapy Pedicure....$40 (regualr $45)


 Gift Certificates available.


*Not recommended for skin suffering from sunburn or rashes.  Also not

recommended for skin issues related to Lupus, Rosacea and Couperose.