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LKcreations Skin Care

Developed by the Nobel Institute honored, Dr. Paul Herzog, KARIN HERZOG medical-grade quality skin care from Switzerland has distinguished itself as a worldwide leader in offering unique, patented products with the minimum of ingredients necessary to allow skin to function and breathe normally, keeping skin looking young, radiant, and best of all, healthy. The products are so pure, and the quality standards so rigorous, that many of the Karin Herzog products require
no preservatives..


From Medical Research...

Dr. Herzog Dedicated his entire medical career to the study of respiration and researching the powerful
effects of oxygen on the body. He worked as a preeminent team that developed the artificial respirator.
His achievements culminated in 1964, when he received the title of Dr. Honoris Causa from the prestigious
Nobel Assembly.

After 30 years of relentless work, Dr. Herzog made the decision to retire. He and his wife,
Karin moved to the shores of stunning Lake Geneva where they lived with their three
daughters Karina, Paulina and Noelle.

While in retirement Dr. Herzog's active mind would not leave him in peace. He had a strong belief
that the powerful antiseptic properties of oxygen could be used to treat medical skin conditions.
However, active oxygen is very volatile and scientists before him had tired, and failed,
to stabilize it in a liquid base.

Karin encouraged her husband to set up a small laboratory in their house to research his theories.
After eight years of dedicated testing, Dr. Herzog succeeded in his quest. In 1974, he was awarded
the global patent for his breakthrough.

His research was solely dedicated to medicinal uses but as a professional esthetician,
Karin quickly noticed a different benefit. To help her husband, she personally tested the emulsion
during its development and was astonished by the results!

Her skin quality dramatically improved with tightened pores, reduced lines and a radiant complexion.
She was sure the formula could help woman all over the world to rediscover radiant, nourished and
youthful looking skin.

Working together they created a range of products based on stabilized oxygen emulsions that were tested at length in both Swedish and Swiss clinics. Experiencing the cosmetic benefits first-hand and encouraged by the positive feedback of patients, Dr. Paul and Karin Herzog launched a skincare institute on the shores of Lake Geneva, where the brand was born. The enthusiasm and loyalty of their customers prompted the couple to expand their focus and offer Karin Herzog internationally.

Today the Karin Herzog Lab is still run by the founding family and it continues to
produce innovative high-performance formulations for the global marketplace.

Karin Herzog products are cruelty free, they do not test on animals and no animal extracts
appear in their products. All Karin Herzog products are non-comedogenic.