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The Salon will be reopening

May 26, 2020 for Facials, Shellac Manicures and Aromatherapy Pedicures!   Call Today to schedule your appointment.  I can't wait to see you all soon.

LKcreations Skin Care



LKcreations Skin Care offers skin care services for any occasion, providing you with the ultimate experience and the utmost relaxation…

Facial care


While everyone knows, that having a regular facial skin care session is vital for keeping up with your health and keeping your look fresh and young, LKcreations Skin Care knows it better, than anybody else!

Body treatments


Treating your body with care and love is an essential way to stay looking young.  To keep your skin radiantly fresh and healthy. 

Hand treatments


Our hands take a lot of abuse. Exposed to harsh detergents, hot water, sun and wind on a daily basis, sensitive skin can become dry, red and creased –

all signs of premature aging. 

Explore the treaments available.



Waxing is a way to keep your skin elastic and smooth… LKcreations Skin Care salon has always focused on providing an excellent experience using only the best products.

Feet treatments

A foot treatment is beneficial in proper blood circulation: Blood circulation is improved by a foot treatment. It is also known that by taking a foot spa, you can re-energize self, keep self relaxed

and full of life.

A foot treatment helps in relieving stress: It is known that a foot treatment can help you relieve the stress and tensions of the entire day and make you relax.