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LKcreations Skin Care

Protecting your skin barrier...

Immunoaging and compromised skin conditions have become buzzwords in the beauty industry, but their implications are much more far-reaching than cosmetic. In fact, the latest research has found that maintaining a proper moisture barrier may have a direct link to maintaining overall health and wellness.

In 2016, a group of dermatologists defined the epidermal barrier as "a collection of specific diverse functions, many of which occur primarily within the stratum corneum".  These include maintenance of water content and balance (permeability barrier), prevention and responses to invasion by microbial organisms and antigens (antimicrobial barrier and immune response barrier), reduction of the effects of ultraviolet (UV) light exposure (photo-protection barrier) and mitigation of the effects of oxidation stresses (antioxidant barrier).  All of these important barrier exist in one bodily organ: the skin.

The major cause of dehydration is evaporation and removal of sebum from the surface of the skin through the use of harsh, drying soaps and alkalis.  If you over-dry the surface and remove the natural covering, the natural moisturizing factor evaporates.  This gives the common result of a naturally oily skin with surface dehydration.  Because Karin Herzog Oxygen does hydrate your skin, it is the best skin care to protect your skin barrier.