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Caring for your skin in Dry and Cold Climates

Chilly climates each come with a unique skin of skincare challenges. Dry, cracking skin is a problem all over the world.  Cold weather can be irritating to the skin: icy winds can damage your skin and cause premature aging, and winter cuticles can be a challenge to care for.

The first step to keeping your skin free of fine lines and wrinkles is following a skincare routine that matches the climate you live in.  Keep your skin looking dewy, not greasy, and fresh, not sweaty, with the right routines and products. You need to remember to care for your skin when it’s cold as much as you do when it’s hot—regardless of the physical effects you see and feel as your body responds to its environment, your skin may be sustaining damage beneath the surface because of harsh climate-based conditions.


● Keep your showers short and make sure the water isn’t too hot. If your skin turns red, you need to turn down the hot water. Excessively hot water can cause irritation and your skin can become dehydrated very quickly.

● Try to stick to unscented cleansers and soaps in your winter skincare routine. Normal bar soaps often contain ingredients and fragrances that can cause irritation and worsen dry skin. Using less soap can also help to prevent winter skin issues.

● Heat from fireplaces, home thermostats, and furnaces can suck moisture out of the air and in colder climates, there is usually not much humidity in the first place. Invest in a humidifier for your home to return moisture to the air to prevent dry skin.

● Moisturize your skin immediately after washing. Warm water can strip your skin of natural oils so try to replace any lost moisture as quickly as possible. Avoid rubbing your skin completely dry after a shower as it can cause irritation. Pat your skin with a soft towel and moisturize while your skin is still damp.

● Wearing rough materials can make dry, itchy skin even worse. Winter skin is the perfect excuse to pull out the softest clothing you own! Big, soft jerseys, leggings, fluffy socks, and slippers will keep you toasty warm and protect your skin. Try to layer items of clothing so if you happen to get hot, you can shed a couple of layers to prevent sweating, which can also cause irritation and dryness.

● Stay hydrated. It may be tempting to stick to warm drinks in the winter, but water is vital in every climate and season. Fine lines and wrinkles may be more pronounced when you are dehydrated. Water nourishes skin cells and plumps them up, which can make you look younger. Water also flushes impurities out of your body which can make your skin glow.

Water is important no matter where you live. It keeps your skin looking great and reduces the chance of blemishes, but it also keeps your liver and kidneys healthy. Try to carry a water bottle with you wherever you go and investigate making naturally-flavored water if plain water is too boring.

Find high-quality products, such as Karin Herzog to support daily skincare essentials that transcend climate, including full-body hydration and moisturization. A regular skincare routine can lead to a more even skin texture and help you tackle problem areas such as blemishes or hyperpigmentation.

Caring for your skin properly can even lead to reduced cellulite and smaller-looking pores and wrinkles. Keeping your skin healthy and caring for it in all climates can ensure you won’t suffer from premature skin aging or flaky, dry skin. Start building your climate-friendly routine today.