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LKcreations Skin Care

Winter and protecting your hands

Wear gloves every time you go outside. The frosty air and cold winds can dry out hands. The easiest way to protect your hands is to wear gloves. Keep a few pairs of gloves, in your car, by the front door, etc. so you always have a pair handy, ext...

Use rubber gloves when doing housework. Housework isn't just done in the winter so this tip is really for all seasons. Use gloves when cleaning with chemicals and washing dishes. Overexposure to hot water and chemicals can strip your skin of its natural oils making them look dry and chapped.

Use a moisturizer every day. You may want to use a hand cream several times a day to help nourish your hands.

Don't forget sunscreen on your hands. We often remember to apply sunscreen to our faces but neglect our hands. Look for a hand lotion with SPF so you can moisturize and protect together.

HAND & NAIL Nourishing Oxygen Hand & Nail Cream  $34 (mention you saw this in my blog and take $10 off)  Special blog price $24

Potent anti-aging treatment for the hands combining Dr. Herzog's 1% patented active oxygen formula with multiple vitamins, lipids and essential fatty acids.

▪ Diminishes age spots and other pronounced signs of aging.
▪ Strengthens the skin tissue.
▪ Protects skin against damaging environmental factors.
▪ Hydrates, regenerates and nourishes the skin.
▪ Accelerates natural recovery mechanisms.
▪ Leaves hands soft and smooth.

How to use:


Apply a thin layer to cleansed hands and massage in. Leave a little excess product on the nail beds to absorb. Use once per day or as needed.

Karin's Insider Beauty Tip ▪ Great to treat nail problems and promote nail growth. ▪ Due to the antiseptic properties of the active oxygen, the cream can be used as a hand sanitizer.