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Cold Weather and Your Skin

Now that the colder months are upon us.  It is time to think about the care of your skin and your skin barrier.

Who doesn't love a toasty night in when temperatures drop outside? Problem is, when hot air moves in, the moisture in our skin ups and leaves. The result? Dehydrated skin. Just come in from the cold? Temperature fluctuations can dry skin out even more, leading to redness, dryness and irritation. Keeping skin hydrated and moisturized will help repair and protect your skin from the drying effect of central heating, without the need to dial down the thermostat.

It's snowing! But while we're eagerly Snapchatting our best snow angel, the sun's harmful UVB rays are sneaking up on our skin. Snow and ice can actually enhance the damaging effects of the sun, bouncing harmful UVB rays and causing them to hit the skin twice. Stay safe in the sun all year round with a daily SPF, and switch with the seasons to a winter skincare routine.

Weather-beaten by the wind in Nebraska? Your skin may be too. Our skin's natural barrier does a great job of keeping moisture in and irritants out, but harsh winds can strip vital water from the skin, weakening the barrier. When upset, our skin cells are programmed to react—say hello to sensitive, dry, red or irritated skin. Find out how to hydrate your skin and take steps to repair and build your skin's barrier by rehydrating and moisturizing windswept skin.

Karin Herzog Oxygen Skin Care has Vitamin H cream to protect your skin from all of the signs of the cold.

The ultimate mellow yellow dryness fighter! Light yet rich moisturizer packed with powerful vitamins and nourishing ingredients to revitalize all skin types.

Can be used to reduce chronic inflammatory skin conditions (sensitive skin).

▪ Fights dryness and protects the skin from cold climates.
▪ Restores elasticity, firmness and softness to the complexion. 
▪ Vitamin H helps to reinforce the skin’s natural defenses and correct skin conditions.
▪ Vitamins B-complex provides essential energy to accelerate cellular renewal.
▪ Beta-Carotene helps to refine and firm the skin while binding free radicals to strengthen its natural resistance to ultra-violet rays.

Skin Types All. Especially very dry, dehydrated skin and skin suffering from skin conditions.

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